The Sitebuilder and Site Studio Web Design Software

Building Your Own Website

You have access to 4500 templates, on offer through your latest cPanel Control Panel. In addition subscribers to both of the EGTM  Hosting Business plans have access to 2 of our web design software. The Sitebuider and Site Studio are addons which are set up, upon request. Both software are available with the Business Hosting Plan – Gold, and the Site Studio is available with the Business Hosting Plan - Regular

The Sitebuilder

Sitebuilder is a professional solution for website design beginners. The software enables the creation of websites, blogs, or photo galleries. We ensure that your Sitebuilder account is working, but support for using it is offered by Parallels Sitebuilder. The Sitebuilder is available with the Business Hosting Plan - Gold

Please note:

1. Sitebuilder has its own built-in templates, and cannot be used with the 4500 templates which we offer at EGTM HOSTING. In Sitebuilder, your website is limited to 100 pages and 25 index.html (default/root) pages.

2. To try out the Plesk Sitebuilder Wizard and create trial sites, use the following link

On choosing the Business Hosting Plan – Gold  and need the Sitebuilder, please inform Support – –  so we may set it up. We would then send a username and password. The login page for Sitebuilder is

The Site Studio

The Site Studio is available with the Business Hosting Plan – Gold and Business Hosting Plan – Basic subscriptions. If you are on either of the 2 plans and need the Site Studio, please inform Support – –  so we may set it up.

SiteStudio can only be used with the primary domain, and is not available for add-on domains. To access it, simply go . Please note that if your domain name has not propagated or been changed to the nameservers for your account with us, the Site Studio will not work.

Your site's username and password must always stay the same as your Site Studio username and password, otherwise Site Studio won't be able to login to your site via FTP to upload the files.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 to assist.

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